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The hardest step is the first one

Once again, I find myself kicking and screaming as I’m pulled into something new or something that needs change. This time it’s another technology “thing”—the place where my largest kicking and screaming fits take place. More specifically, it’s knowing for the past couple of years, I needed to update my website, It’s OK, but just looked tired. With this as my #1 priority on my list of New Year’s resolutions, it took precedence over everything else.

My first realization, and an important one, was knowing I needed help. This “help” was someone who needed to be tech savvy, trustworthy, reasonably priced and had the word patience as her/his first name. The person turned out to be CJ Jelinek. Not knowing it at the time, I hit the website designer jackpot.

My knowledge in this area is at about the first grade level. I’m positive CJ had no idea what he was getting into when he took me on as a client. We talked on the phone and exchanged emails several times as he held my hand and guided me through the process. His patience was unlimited! And bonus, he genuinely cared.

But the thing that impressed me the most was his expertise in website design. He really knows his stuff. For me, he nailed it! I am so impressed with my new website.

Today, we go live and I want to extend a heartfelt WELCOME to you, my readers. And, a very sincere thank you to CJ.

Through this experience, I learned that trying new things, in spite of my fear and anxiety, is a good thing. Knowing that something needs to change, and having the courage to make the change, is a good thing. And, the most important lesson for me is the realization that I don’t need to, and can’t do, everything myself. Having someone to help us and guide us when we try something new, or make a change, is a good thing.

It’s so easy to settle into the comfort of our lives. My mission for this year is two fold. First, I want to continue seeing the beauty and value in new and different things. Second, I want the courage to act on the areas that need change, utilizing help from others when needed.

Come with me on my journey through 2018 as I try new things, explore different options and reach for the stars.


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