The following books are a few samples of our work.

Getting off the Treadmill

by Michael Lauesen
By escaping the race to nowhere you have a chance to change your life for the better.
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Better Lives for our Grandchildren

by Bill Robertson
A plane crash survivor's perspective on politics and life.
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Activate your Agile Career

by Marti Konstant
How responding to change will inspire your life's work.
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Release date: April, 2018

Sunny Side Up

by Roch Tranel and Ben Pahl
A guide to cracking open your retirement nest egg.
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Press Pass

by Bob Trimble
A sports broadcast journalist's first person account of memorable interviews with photos.
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Unlock the Corporate Mindset

by Monika Black and Tomer Yogev
Refocus your career, live authentically and find your leadership presence.
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An Approach to Risk Assessment

by John Snyder
A textbook of risk assessment processes including ready to use tools.
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Changing Human Behavior towards Energy Saving through Urban Planning

by Petra Stieninger
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The Terrorism Risk Insurance Act: a practitioner's guide

by jason schupp
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